Simply by Chance

Simply by Chance Fingers tracing beautifully sculpted lips Still entranced in sleep, oblivious Leaning in, gently planting a delicate kiss Fleeting as to not disturb sweet bliss   Retracing steps on how events lead to this Resisting the urge to procure another kiss It all started gentle and sweet Sitting on a bench, wrapping up [...]

Taking my next steps… Exercise 4

“Writing Better Lyrics” by Pat Pattison (Second Edition) Exercise 4: Get a group of at least 4 people. Divide the participants into two equal groups. Have each member of one group make an arbitrary list of five interesting adjectives. At the same time, have each member of the other group make an arbitrary list of [...]


Swirling seas of uncertainty Anxiously eyeing he axe above me Welcoming its swing Ending my self created reprieve   The axe breaks free of its chains Peace at last At least now I know where I stand Broken and shattered into a million pieces   via Daily Prompt: Reprieve

Quite the Predicament

Impressions in other people’s minds about whom you are, are of little importance. Their convoluted perspective is simply just that, their perspective. They have not walked in your shoes, they have not had the same experiences as you, and they sure as hell don’t know more about who you are than you. That goes both [...]

Tragedy Knows No Bounds

Daily Prompt-Catapult Tragedy Knows No Bounds Catapulted into reality, pulled from my delightful gaze Surrounded by screams, bodies now make a maze Ears are still ringing, covered in gore Can’t wrap my head around it, things are not as they were moments before People in this world, can be so cruel Tragedy has made it so [...]

Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Daily Prompt:Adrift While thinking about the daily prompt today: Adrift, it brought me some much needed peace within me. Of late I have been slipping into what I could describe only as despair. Wishing on stars and waiting for solutions just to appear while making no progress towards an actual solution. With this new word [...]