Forever bathed in the glow

While gazing at the sunset from the edge of the ocean, water laps at my feet, gently shifting the sand beneath me. As the sun peers through the clouds rays of lessening sunlight emit through the space provided. Hues of yellow, orange, Pink and violet flood my senses with pure harmony as I deeply draw in life giving breath. It tastes of salt and mangroves. Your fingers curl ever so tightly around mine as we enjoy this blessed view together. The sky darkens and the many shades of pink are almost entirely removed from view, you turn to me and smile. Whilst smiling in return I glance once more at the fading sunset, close my eyes, and fill my lungs with sweet summer air. A gentle kiss is placed on my lips, your arms wrap around me, my soul blooms into sunset blossoms. My body radiates with life and love as the sensation moves through my body. This is my happy place, hear with you, forever bathed in glow of love, peace and harmony.

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