The Grand Finale

Daily Prompt-Final
Finally. Reaching the end of the race. Making it through the maze and reaching the finish line. The only thing left to do is cross to the other side. Scarred, battered, bruised blessed and scafinish linered. What lies beyond is unknown. Many theorize what we may experience once life on this planet ceases to exist and we shed our mortal coil. Regardless, it is still unknown. Forced into an uncertain eternity where life as we know it will no longer be the same. Maybe you’ll go to haven, maybe hell. Maybe you’ll be reborn, maybe you wont. Decisions are made on what to so with the remaining corps but what happens to the soul within? I wish I knew. One day I will. Perhaps fortune will smile upon me and the energy that is my soul will return to the life giving universe I was bornhell from. Feeling at peace and content with my beliefs, I will carry on and cross that final bridge when I get there. For now I will live life to the fullest extent of my capabilities and continue to learn and grow. So, love the ones who are dear to you. Say what you are too scared to say, ask them out, kiss your children and chase your dreams. For all we know, this is the only shot we get. Don’t live in regret shrouded in fear. Be wild, free, curious and experience whatever you choose to experience. This is it. how will you spend the rest of your life? I will be blessed, loved, wild, free, curious, and best of all, me.

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