Yesterday, towards the end of my work day, I was starting get uneasy feelings in the pit of my stomach; an intuitive feeling of something to come.  When this happens I am on high alert as to what may be the cause. I was driving home my normal route when in the road I see [...]



Reflections It was six months ago, seems like only days I was looking at you through a tear stained haze So many words unspoken, so many left to say Trying to reach out for you, I began to play I play almost everyday, I long to hear you sing With these strong emotions, memories soon [...]

Taking my next steps… Exercise 5

“Writing Better Lyrics” by Pat Pattison (Second Edition) Exercise 5: Try writing a sentence or a short paragraph about these combinations: Smokey conversation Refried railroad Hollow rain forest Understated eyebrows Now jumble them up into different combinations (For example, smoky eyebrows) and write a sentence or a short paragraph for each one. Hollow eyebrows Smokey [...]