Yesterday, towards the end of my work day, I was starting get uneasy feelings in the pit of my stomach; an intuitive feeling of something to come.  When this happens I am on high alert as to what may be the cause.

I was driving home my normal route when in the road I see a soft shell turtle that has made its way two lanes in on a six lane road. I thought he might be dead already when I saw his head poke out and try to survey the area.

I quickly found a place to park my car. Got out, shut the door and took off with a dash. I was in a desperate race against the changing lights of this very busy road. I felt I really needed to get there and I was hoping that I would make it in time to help him across the road. Last time I got a feeling like this, I wasn’t fast enough. I ended up watching a wasp rip the abdomen off a cicada and then leave it to die.

When I got closer to where the turtle was located, a new wave of cars were already making their descent towards him and at this point, his whole head was out and looking around searching for the safest route to go. As they got closer, fortunately he pulled his head back in. A car just barely ran over the back of his shell, just a tiny little tip. I screamed, I was very fearful for his life and have seen many animals that didn’t make it.

The cars were now driving over him, he was in the center under the cars as they passed. I got to the side of the road, perpendicular to where he was. I started to jump around and point in the turtle’s direction so people would see and not smash him. He was in the third lane now and was still moving while traffic was swirling around him. A big truck with a trailer attached saw and pulled around him as to not squish him and the cars behind him followed suit. One stopped in front of him to stop traffic.

I waited for the cars to pass, I then made my way into the road to pick him up gently on his sides and help him across. He was not happy about that. “Tough cookies turtle, this is happening.” I carried him to the grass patch in the middle that separated the six lanes of traffic, waited for the three lanes to be clear, and then made my way across the final three.

When we got there, there was nowhere for him to go…. I placed him on the ground and he tried to walk his path but he walked right into a chain link fence. They had recently put up a fence blocking the trees and plants on that side of the road (Because people are scum and they have to keep out the filthy garbage scumbags just throw about without a care for the effects their actions are having on the world around them). This fence was built all the way to the soil. No room for any creature to pass beneath to their homes on the other side. How people can possibly think that placing a fence all the way to the ground is a good idea, I will never know. Someone will be hearing from me about this. I was outraged as I stood there and wasn’t sure what to do next. I was worried if I took him back across that he would just get right back to it and there was a lightning storm on the way and I needed to be swift about whatever I was going to do. I called my husband and he advised I could bring him home and set him free by the pond nearby, but I didn’t like that idea, this was his home, this was what he knew. I decided to take him back across the six lanes.

Waiting and running we made it to the other side. Once I put him down again, he was super upset. He lunged at me a few times, trying to bite me. I urged him to please go back under the fence where he came from. I pleaded with the nearby cranes to assist in talking their buddy to go back under the fence. I wouldn’t leave until he did. Once a turtle picks a path, they will continue to try to walk that path.  Fortunately, after a long moment and a brief plea to my spirit animal about what should I do, leave it or take it home, the turtle made a decision and started its way under the fence from the direction it came from.

There is barbed wire there and his shell is all mutilated from being punctured while passing beneath it. I lifted the fence wire and he went on his way.

He got to the middle of the field before I turned around to go home. I noticed the feeling in my gut was gone; the turtle must have been what was coming. Always trust your intuition! You never know when it just might save a life.


2 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. I’m still a little upset that it was a softshell you helped cross the road instead of bringing him to my kitchen. Lol, jkjkjk (unless you bring one to me though). You did a great thing for that old gal. Poor thing was probably completely confused when they put up a new wall. Humans and thier property laws…

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