Déjà Vu in Mid-Spring

Today is the first day I am laying eyes on my new school. Franklin High, the pride of this small town in middle Mississippi. As I make my ascension up the small walkway toward the office, I feel eyes on me. They follow my every move. I can almost feel the excitement in the air, bouncing off of me and ricocheting to the next person, urging them to look toward my direction. It’s probably not often new students show up in the last semester of the school year.

With a school that has one fourth of the students my old school has, I am going to stick out like a sore thumb. I will be unable to blend into the crowd as I had hoped. Perhaps I should have taken my parents advice and dyed my hair back to a normal shade, but I love my fire red engine hair and black streaks that stream throughout my mid-back length hair.  Why should I change who I am and what I love for the benefit of other people? I wouldn’t conform to what was considered normal back home, why would I start now. What is normal anyway?

Regardless of where I came from and what happened, today I am being forced to enroll here. As I sit in the stuffy office, sweat begins to trickle down my spine. The moist heat is more stifling then my home town and that takes me by surprise. I never anticipated it being just as hot or even hotter here, but the world is full of surprises it would seem. I never thought the boy I was dating, the boy I loved and thought was the one, would go psycho crazy and attempt to kidnap me with an intent to do even worse.

The thought of that night sends shivers down my spine, I look around, frantic, for any potential sight of him. My father must have caught a glimpse of my worry because I feel his arm wrap tight over my shoulder. The comfort is welcome, but it is so hot I try my best to shrug free of his hold. I make a fanning motion over my face to signify it’s the heat, I don’t want him to feel hurt or pushed away.

He has been put through a lot within the past few months and I can’t stand the thought of him hurting further. He has already had to give up his dream job and settle for something less to move us so far and remote for my safety. Sean is being held in jail. I’m 17 and he’s 18 so by law he is no longer a minor and the things he did should put him away for a bit of time. My understanding is they are pleading temporary insanity, so who knows how long he will be there for.

I know he is locked away but, I stay uneasy. Always looking over my shoulder. My nights are wrecked with sleeplessness and I’ve begun to rely on coffee to aid me to stay awake. A bell rings above my head and I jump a little, thank goodness no one noticed. This draws me out of my thoughts and back into the present.

I need to keep focused. I am safe here. No one knows where I am. I was not allowed to tell anyone that we were leaving. We simply picked up one day and drove out of town.

The door swings open and I am taken back as a boy seeming about my age walks through. I am hit all the sudden with a feeling of déjà vu. Have I seen him before? Where have I seen him before? There is no way I know him. He must feel my eyes on him because he looks right over at me and my heart stops as his face breaks into a breath taking smile. I try to smile back but I can’t make my lips move. My muscles will not respond to me. I simply stare at him.

When he looks away I start to feel light headed. I realize, that in those few moments, I have ceased to breath. I draw breath back into my lungs a bit too fast and I am forced to sit down. The room is spinning at this point, the nausea churning in my stomach is threatening to make an appearance. My father is now peering at me with concern as my mother continues to talk with the enrollment staff. He doesn’t seem to notice the boy that has caused such a reaction in me. He looks nothing like Sean so I am sure he is unconcerned with his presence. He probably assumes it’s more of the same exhaustion from lack of sleep.

I decide then and there to stay away from that boy. I cannot afford to become involved with another boy, another boy who might hurt me like the other…



Thank you for reading my short story, I am hoping to expand on this slowly.

Have an awesome day and an awesome life! One love.




Copyright (c) 2018 Michelle’s Multifarious Musings
All rights reserved

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