Déjà Vu in Mid-Spring

This is a continuation for Déjà Vu in Mid-Spring, to read the first or second part please click here or here

On the drive to school, I wish to myself, that my mother would drop me down the way and let me walk up to school without the parental involvement. Wishes don’t come true it would seem. We pull up to the front and I get out, my mother calling behind me, “Love you Annie. Have a great day.” She smiles and the warmth she is emitting almost touches my heart, almost. I try my best to no let this sour my mood, but the lack of sleep is already starting to nag at me.

I force a smile, “Love you too mom.” I wave and turn away before anyone else witnesses my embarrassment. I don’t look around to see who saw, the less I see anyone the better. One semester to get through then, summer break starts. I can stay under the radar that long. My hair is braided back so the color definition is not as striking, I replaced my eyebrow ring with a stud, and wore clothes befitting of an average kid.

Walking through the door, the slight changes I made to make my appearance more normal, did not help me at all. All eyes are on me. People turn and start whispering to their friends, but never taking their eyes off me. Good thing I don’t have an image complex. I am just the new kid in town and they’ve had a week to gossip and spread rumors of what they believe to be true about me.  I square my shoulders and keep my eyes forward, never let them see you sweat.

As I reach my first period, I smile to my teacher in gratitude that he did not make me introduce myself to the whole class, maybe today won’t be so bad and, in a few weeks I will be old news. People kept their distance from me, none brave enough to bridge that gap I guess. The whole day goes by with much of the same, whispers, glances and the occasional cat call from some random idiot. Like any girl has ever swooned because some guy whistled at her. Idiot.

The difference of a small town and my home town are striking. I have yet to find one person with multi-colored hair aside from the preppy girls who get false highlights put in. No one with facial piercings to be found, aside from myself.

Making my way to seventh period calculous I hear the afternoon announcements. It would appear the prom is just around the corner, juniors may go if invited by a senior. Prom just passed at my old school, I was supposed to attend with Sean. Starting to feel anxious, I look around. All clear. I reach into my backpack and grab my thermos of coffee. “Whatcha got there? Secret stash! Wanna share?”

I look up and it’s him, the boy from registration. My mouth goes dry and I can feel my heartbeat in my ears. “Say something Annie!!!!” my brain shouts to my mouth but nothing comes out. I just stare at him. He holds out his hand, “I’m Brent.” I manage to return his handshake. “I’m Anya.” He smiles and my heart stops.

“Where ya headed?” I pull out my schedule and point to my next class. “Mr. Grimsky’s Calc class, huh? I had him last year. If you need a tutor, just let me know.” He winks, then bows to me before departing. I find that my face has split into a grin. He’s very charming and made me smile. What are the odds I would run into him again, I guess they are pretty good considering the size of this place.

All the happiness I had drained from me when I walked into Mr. Grimsky’s Calculous class. He made me introduce myself and give a little background on myself. “Hi. I’m Anya. I just moved here from the east coast. I like to paint and to take walks on the beach.” I break away and make for my seat before I am made to give my whole life’s story. My cheeks are pink as the flame of embarrassment shows through them. Public speaking is not my strong suit.

After Calculous I have gym. WE have a sub, so we watch a film. Halleluiah!

My dad is there to pick me up at the end of the day. As I get into the car, he greets me with his cheesiest T.V. announcer voice, “So, Anya. You’ve had your first day at school. Pray tell, how did it go?” He holds up his invisible microphone to my mouth. This makes me smile. “It went fine.” We drive home in silence the rest of the way, my father knows how to be okay with my space and knows I will talk to him if there is something I need to. The real interrogation will commence once I get home.



Thank you for reading the continuation of my short story.

Have an awesome day and an awesome life! One love.


Copyright (c) 2018 Michelle’s Multifarious Musings
All rights reserved

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