Déjà Vu in Mid-Spring

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Frantic, I search the wall to find the door, I’ve found a hundred times before. Find it. Fall into his arms. He dies. Lather rinse repeat. I awake, no longer shocked, unless being shocked by the fact I am having this dream counts. Something has got to give. The nagging feeling is still there and that is what I’ve decided to focus on. I’ve been looking into interpreting dreams and read some articles about dreams being used to communicate with you, communicate things that have yet to come.

I remember over hearing my aunt and mom talk about grandma, how she would have visions, visions that drove her insane. I was five and hiding on the steps. There had been a lot of family coming and going. People crying and giving condolences. My grandmother had died. I didn’t know how, just that she was gone. I loved my grandmother, we were close.

I started writing the dream down when I woke. Write every detail I could remember.  Every tree, leaf and twig would soon be visible on the days painting. The nagging feeling that I am missing something is growing stronger with the remaining days of school wrapping up for the year.

Not much has happened over the last semester of my junior year. After the new girl effect wore off, I was able to find my way and picked up a few friends along the way. Tonight we’re going to the drive in. It’s Throwback Thursdays and we’re watching Betrayed and something else, it’s a double feature. The house phone rings and I dash to answer it before my parents.

“Hey girl, change in plans. Becky and I can’t make it to the first feature but we will meet you before the second.” Angela says through rushed words. I can just make out the sound of Angela’s giggling.

“Everything ok?” I ask concerned.

“Yea, totally. We’ll see you there!” then she hangs up the phone before I can even utter an ok.

They are up to something, what is it? They have been acting a little funny ever since we made the plan to go back to the Drive–In. We haven’t been there since it was remodeled and we were super excited. I had to work last weekend so we didn’t get to go to grand reopening.

Crap, I slap my forehead, they are my ride there. I have only just been given some car privileges back, I can go to work and back, that’s it. No way will my parents let me drive myself to the movies. Now what? I dread the thought of my parents dropping me off.

I hear a knock at my door. “Come in.” Mom walks into the room.

“Honey,” she stops when she lays eyes on me. “Everything ok?”


She crosses her arms over her chest, “What’s going on?” Of course, she assumes something must be going on.

Best not give her any more reason to impose restrictions on me, plus I need to drive my car tonight. I give a strict warning to my attitude, reminding it to keep in check, “That was Becky and Angela on the phone. They aren’t going to be able to make it to the first film for the double feature tonight. They said they’d see me there, guess they forgot they were my ride.” My face is sadden as I shrug my shoulders.

“Ok, easy solution, you can drive yourself.” Huh? Did I hear her right? Wow, is she not feeling well?

“Are you ok mom? Come here, let me feel your forehead.”

“Very funny Annie. I am nice all the time, you just don’t see it that way.” She starting into a lecture, “The things I do are only to protect you.” She trails off. “Anyways, your dad and I are going to the double feature tonight as well.” Yuck, no, not cool mom and dad.


“That’s what I came up here to tell you.” She must see the panic on my face, she quickens, “Don’t worry. We won’t drive there with you.” Relief takes me over. “Geeze Annie, like spending time with your parents in public would kill you.”

“Who knows, maybe it will, best not to try it.” Lighten up Annie. “I’m sorry, thank you for letting me drive the car tonight.”

“You are welcome and be safe, honey.” She kisses my forehead.

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Thank you for reading the continuation of my short story.

Have an awesome day and an awesome life! One love.


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