Grey Skys

Broken as life seems to be I always greet the day With a positive attitude Even if its fake Fake it til you make it Sometimes gets very old Some days I want to feel blue And just let life unfold To wallow in self pity Is oddly comforting But wallowing for too long will [...]


This too shall pass

Awoken to another day My place of my employ I dread A slow motion train wreck Once its crashed, I’m dead Nothing to show for my time Except a job that does not matter Feeling like I’m going mad Insane just like the Mad Hatter To and fro, on I go Into the rabbit hole [...]

Keepin’ on Truckin’

Slight as some progress may be, it's still progress. Every step towards the right direction , is another step towards reaching your goals and your true potential When progress seems stagnate, it's easy to let go and give up, to give into the desire to not care and just be happy with the current situation. [...]