Gratitude to the Universe

Dear Universe,

Today I woke up with a sense of hopelessness and talked myself out of it all before getting out of bed to greet the day. I reminded myself that life is indeed what I make it and if I want to have a good day, then I needed to decide right there and then.

I got up, managed to make it on time to work, but not before I saw two ducks on the side of a very busy road, with a pile of eggs like they had just lain them. Weird.

Getting home from work, in my neighborhood, a tiny little dog came out of no where, as I slowed down, it came up to my car and almost got underneath it, delaying me from getting home. I have never seen this dog in my life.

Then, on my first day at my second job, I was sent home early because the cops had blocked the entrances to the parking lot because some guy was passed out in the parking lot, no idea what happened there.

My day was not at all how I envisioned it. Some odd events indeed.

Today’s retrospective was uplifting, kinda just what I needed. I have been dreading starting this job and annoyed with the way things seem to be going, but then a series of random events happen totally reminding me that things can change in an instant and life is very unpredictable in so many ways.

Thank you for today universe, its just what I needed to get my mind back on track.

Have an awesome day and an awesome life. One love.


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