Don’t Judge a Post By It’s Pickle

Now and then
I find my way
Into a dreaded pickle

So many these day
With head in the clouds
Emotions are quite fickle

Words I’ve used
To describe a way
That I feel about something

Are used against me
An aim to hurt me
But I am not fussing

We can sit
And have a talk
Discussing our differences

But I will not
Yell fight or ague
Life is about experiences

For you to have
Your point of view
I find it very enjoyable

Especially when
It differs from
What is considered normal

Your point of view
Allows me
To have one of my own

For without disagreement
My point of view
Would not be shown

We were meant to disagree
And that is fine with me
No worries love
This is how it is meant to be

Thank you Ragtag Daily Prompt

Have an awesome day and an awesome life. One love.


Copyright (c) 2018 Michelle’s Multifarious Musings
All rights reserved

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