Songwriting Without Boundaries: 14 Day Challenge Day 8

Today I continue with day 8 of a 14 day challenge found in  “Songwriting Without Boundaries” by Pat Pattison

Day 8



This is your last day of “who” writing. Dig in.

Set a timer and respond to the prompts for exactly the time allotted. Stop IMMEDIATELY when the timer goes off.

Sight      Sound      Taste      Touch      Smell      Body      Motion

5 minutes: Cyclist

unicylce.pngThe crowd goes wild, roaring their applause as I enter the room. High on my unicycle I make my way to the middle of the tent, right into the spotlight. This is my 100th performance, my heart swells at the thought. Never in a million years did I think I would be here, but I am so grateful that I am. I start my show as my heart beats to the drumming excitement surrounding me. Looking out into the crowd I can see the people packed into their seats like sardines in a can. All here to delight in this wondrous show put on by me and my colleagues. I can taste the excitement in the air, electricity flows through us all as I start in on the grand finale. I feel the cycle start to wobble, I concentrate hard and focus on getting my balance back. Elated when I no longer feel the wobble, I would be mortified if I fell, today of all days. Just thinking about today makes my heart skip a beat. Today I ask the beautiful Sheila to be my bride. I’ve known her my whole life and only now, finding myself through my dreams do I have the courage to get down on one knee, sweaty palms and all, pour out my undyi

10 minutes: Ballerina

Ballarina.pngWatching Abby practice my heart swells, almost bursting with the love I have for my sweet baby girl. She’s been working so hard at practicing her routine for her first solo performance. I can see shes nervous, but she doesn’t let that stop here. Her determination outweighs her fear, an attribute she has always possessed. Twisting and turning, watching herself in the mirror, I see her features change as she trips. The crack of her knee on the hard floor echoes throughout the studio. I rush to her side to aid her. She is crying, silent tears trail down her face. I look at her knee and it’s already starting to swell, the irritated hurt skin stretching her stockings, threatening to tear. My poor girl. “Oh honey, don’t cry. Everything will be ok.” I say as I scoop her into my arms. Her body hangs heavy in my arms. Her body shakes as her tears continue. My heart aches for her, if she is unable to do this performance she will be heartbroken. Coming out into the lobby I run into her father. Concern takes over his features in an instant. I ease her out of my arms and into his. The smell of her perfume stings my nostrils as I get close to him. I hold my breath. We aren’t divorced yet, he could at least have the decency to wait until the paperwork is final. I look at my little girl, then at him. “I think we need to take her in. I felt around and it’s pretty swollen.” He doesn’t even respond, he just starts to make his way to his car. I get in my car and follow him in my SUV. I can taste the metallic tinge of blood in my mouth. I must have bit down too hard on my tongue while fighting the urge to say unpleasant things to my soon to be ex-husband. Angry ripples through me as I am reminded of the day I walked in and found them together. He didn’t even fight for me, didn’t even apologize. Things hadn’t been the best but I never thought for a moment that they were as bad as they were. The feeling of betrayal not too far off. I take some deep breaths and focus on driving. I hope she is ok. A tear starts to creep from my eyes, and I pull it back in, now is no

90 Seconds: Puppy

Puppy.pngLicking at my nose
Nipping at my toes
Whimpers in the night
Shaking with fright

Lost among the stars
Without a family
He wandered into my arms
This was meant to be

Stomping around in mud
He covers the floor in dirt
Just being playful

Today is the last day of “who” writing and I am sad to see it go. I’ve had much more fun with “who” than with “what”. I look forward to the next writing exercises.

If you want to join along in the challenge please read the rules for the day posted at the top of the blog. Also, if you write along, please post me a link to your post in the comments section. Good luck on the challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing this through until the end!

Thank you for visiting.

Have an awesome day and an awesome life. One love.


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