Songwriting Without Boundaries: 14 Day Challenge Day 10

Today I continue with day 10 of a 14 day challenge found in  “Songwriting Without Boundaries” by Pat Pattison

Day 10


There’s plenty of action in “when.” One of the more helpful questions you need to ask when you write is, “When is this happening?” Try several answers: “Am I feeling this loss in the spring, when the external world creates an ironic contrast? In the fall, when everything is fading, just like my lost love? In the winter, when I have to protect myself from the chill, like I’ve been doing since he left? Or summer, when everywhere things are growing in the heat while I shrink emotionally?

Or, times of day. So many options, so much time available…

Set a timer and respond to the prompts for exactly the time allotted. Stop IMMEDIATELY when the timer goes off.

Sight      Sound      Taste      Touch      Smell      Body      Motion

5 minutes: Six in the Morning

Sliding out of bed, I put on my fuzzy slippers and start my morning ritual. Peering out the window, I’m greeted with another beautiful sunrise. Hues of pink and orange grace me with their presence. The smooth fur of Jasper rubs against my leg as he purrs his morning greeting. Heading my the kitchen, I tiptoe over the toys strewn about the hall, the floorboards creaking ever so slight as I place my weight on them. My nose is greeted with the smell of fresh brewed coffee. Jack must be home from work early, my heart jumps in anticipation. Not often do I get to see my love before heading out into the cruel world of the cooperate desk job. A radiant smile beams from him as I enter the room, a smile that still takes my breath away. I dash to him and pull him in close for a sizzling kiss that is sure to make me late for work.

10 minutes: First Snowfall

A tentative hand reaches towards the morning sky, attempting to catch bits of the very first snow of the year. There is a chill in the air, not quite reaching the bones, but sure to progress to that once the season is in full swing. I watch as she stands, motionless, watching the snowfall coat the world around us. She turns to me, “Look mommy!” She points off into the distance. Following her finger, she directs my view towards something I can’t place. Fear sets in, smoke is rising. My heart races as I realize what is happening. Trying not to panic, I smile to her and say, “Come on sweetie, let’s grab our things for school.” We will not be going to school, it’s time to go. The volcano has become active, it may erupt just as the scientists have predicted. I feel a tremble reverberate throughout my body.

“Honey, go gather your things for school, and some stuff to take to your aunts tonight, I forgot to tell you, but you’re gonna spend the weekend with your cousins.” She smiles a megawatt smile as she skips down the hall. I quick dial my husband. “Dear, the volcano is spewing molten hot smoke and ash into the air.” He responds as I hear the door. “I know, I saw and came home right away.” My heart swells with love for this man. “Thank you.” A tear drips from my eye.

I move quick through the house, gathering essentials. I call, “Honey, please put the safe in the car.” I hear his faint response, “On it.”

I look through the house, I may never see it again. My heart weeps. With climate change so evident, this could very well be the eruption we feared and it may be too late to escape. I know of a bunker not too far from here,

90 Seconds: Easter Sunday

Putting on
My Easter Sunday best
I drive to my church

Choirs of my peers
Singing hymnals
Of His great return

The smiles
Throughout the hall
Fill my heart with love

I say a pray
And look ahead
Into the sky above

If you want to join along in the challenge please read the rules for the day posted at the top of the blog. Also, if you write along, please post me a link to your post in the comments section. Good luck on the challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing this through until the end!

Thank you for visiting.

Have an awesome day and an awesome life. One love.


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