A Plea to Break Free

Today, a topic struck a chord in me and I found myself wishing I had someone to discuss the topic with, then, it hit me. This topic is in need of some major discussion, not meant to be spoken of once and swept back under society’s acceptable topics rug, for another innocent person is blindsided [...]


Fear a vice grip so strong the boa constrictors strangle doesn’t hold a candle Fear strangling hearts suffocating dreams while caging the creature for the slaughter Fear controling manipulating forcing obedience on the unsuspecting audience Fear a stepping stone to freedom climb from under become like no other One love -Michelle     Copyright (c) [...]


Shifting back, fourth back, fourth Uncomfortable in my seat in my skin Existence a blur a blur I welcome at times despise Longing, seeking, falling, climbing Which direction? lost discouraged losing faith Melting and melding into something something else something new Something better? One love. -Michelle       Copyright (c) 2018 Michelle's Multifarious Musings [...]