A Plea to Break Free

Today, a topic struck a chord in me and I found myself wishing I had someone to discuss the topic with, then, it hit me. This topic is in need of some major discussion, not meant to be spoken of once and swept back under society’s acceptable topics rug, for another innocent person is blindsided by outdated beliefs.

Right now I am feeling really good about this. This just feels right, so there is nothing that can stop me now.

As noted in prior blog posts, I am on a journey, a journey of the soul, a journey of the self. During this I have realized that, my body is mine and I don’t have to do things to it on behalf of what society dictates is acceptable.

I have since made changes to my routines and behaviors, not in an attempt to make a statement, more a way of freeing myself from doing things and being things, I didn’t have any valid reason to continue doing.

While talking on this subject with my dearest closest friend, an opposition was presented. When I asked why they believe that, I was given a bland statement, generalizing that people who do this fit into a specific box.

Last I checked, I am the authority on me, and I do things because I choose to do them. No one’s actions should place them to any box. People are who they are, for the reasons they choose, not for any reason you choose.

A lesbian didn’t wake up some day and say, “Society says, because I am lesbian, I will start not shaving my armpits. I need everyone to know what box to put me in when they look at me.”

An individual deciding to leave body hair where it grows is simply put, a person who decided to leave their body hair where it grows, and furthermore, one should not have to defend said hair. The action of shaving causes more harm than good, and only became a trend because when women started being ALLOWED to show their skin, society decided that the body hair was unattractive.

Why has society clung to this? Hair is hair and it doesn’t define me nor does it place me into any box.

There is a belief that only chicks who are into chicks don’t shave there armpits.

Maybe chicks who don’t shave their armpits turn to women because they are the only people who can understand the plight of not shaving your pits just to satisfy someone else’s need for you to conform to what society says is acceptable. Not my case but, nothing wrong with presenting a little opposition, keeps the conversation in motion.

Let’s take a look at some other societal beliefs that were thrust upon America by those who decided they are the deciders.

  • Modern men prefer the following:
    • Symmetry: symmetrical features.
      • Many would have to get plastic surgery to adhere to that one.
    • Lips: full and in proportion with the rest of the face
      • Again, many would have to get plastic surgery to adhere to that one.
    • Nose: small
      • Small noses beat big noses any day of the week
    • Hair: Smooth and long
      • Extensive visits and subjection to many harmful products must be utilized to conform to this look
    • Body: A bust to waist ratio must be met
      • Break out the tape measures ladies, so we can measure up to someone else’s influenced expectations
    • Height: Tall men like short women and short men like ever shorter women
      • Time to start crouching, or you can cut off your legs, you choose
    • Most important of all:
      • Watch how others perceive you
      • Dress well
      • Stay groomed
      • And plaster on that smile, even if you don’t mean it
    • If you can’t meet any of the above requirements, please work on:
      • Eloquence
      • Posture
      • Success (Money will make anyone want your body)

We all fall short of something on this list, no one is perfect by far, and no one should have to be.

Beauty lies with the beholder, but what if the beholder is wearing glasses prescribed to them by society? Can they even trust what there is to see?

What makes one cling to beliefs they didn’t even decide were worth believing in? Why do we allow others to dictate the way we should feel about a topic?

This is my plea, a plea to review and evaluate some beliefs that may be clinging to the subconscious.

I say, call these beliefs to trial and see if they aren’t more of a hindrance than a help.

Thank you for all of the women who took pics or their hairy pits!

Thank you so much for visiting 🙂

One love




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Copyright (c) 2018 Michelle’s Multifarious Musings
All rights reserved

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