Sunrise Sprinkle

I hear the cracking of limbs that snap like bone. Acorns pitter patter as the shells slap of the tin roof. No soft cushion to break its fall, it rolls seeking a home where it can grow. Crows caw signals the rain is almost past. Whistles breaking through changing the tone. Morning shower not yet [...]

Blessed is All

I walk ever onward, hither and thither, breathing in the moist mornings blessings. Treading forward through dew laden grass my ears succumb to the crickets sweet serenade. I watch in awed amusement and the critters, so small in stature and girth, make mighty triumphant sounds that cascade throughout to ward away those who would seek [...]

Abundance Flows Through

Head foggy Thoughts cloudy Everywhere Surrounded Abundance There to see Have the courage Face reality Clenched fists Increase risk Never experience Complete bliss Deep breathes Basking glory Feel prosperous No need for worry Create a world Feel it true Dream big dreamers Abundance flows through   Thank you so much for visiting, Blessed be. Namaste. [...]