Blessed is All

I walk ever onward, hither and thither, breathing in the moist mornings blessings. Treading forward through dew laden grass my ears succumb to the crickets sweet serenade. I watch in awed amusement and the critters, so small in stature and girth, make mighty triumphant sounds that cascade throughout to ward away those who would seek to harm. Careful I am, not to step on the flowers littering the supple ground, as the hungry bees seek their daily nourishment.

Splish splash, the fish in the pond urge me to look their way, urge me to bless them as I have blessed those that surround, and I feel my warmth and love flow to them through the heartbeat which lies within us all. Gaze towards the sky, a kiss is released into the wind, a kiss for the Goddess and the God of all, a kiss of love and gratitude. “Thank you for the radiant abundance within my life and all life. Blessed I am, grateful I am, abundant I am. Thank you my loves for dwelling within me and all.”

A not too distant buzz draws my ever eager ears, searching, I seek my charge. I bee has made its way to the spiders web, its fate has been sealed and there is naught ought that I can do to help him. The flow of life and death must continue onward, forever marching to the beat of a distant heartbeat long since unheard by many. I saw a prayer to the mother, asking for the bee to feel no pain, she responds that it is done.

Thank you so much for sharing my morning with me,

Blessed be. Namaste. One Love.




Copyright (c) 2018 Michelle’s Multifarious Musings
All rights reserved

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