Earworm Got Your Sub-Conscious?

Ever listen to catchy song you listened to in younger years? Songs such as “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” have brought me to think further into exposure.

The transition of the relationship is smooth and you can really tell what she is talking about as she paints the flow of their life through her eye. A life that embodies the persona that is shown to be the norm throughout entertainment, but I just want to scream at her! If she married a cowboy he wouldn’t be home every night for you to fawn over him. Cowboys are notorious for being a little of both homosexual while away and gone from their home for a very long time herding cattle and like, which is their profession.

She doesn’t want a cowboy, she wants a man who looks like a cowboy, who will dote over her, when she set the standard of a subservient wife. Throughout the whole beginning of their marriage she lead the relationship to shift into what it became due to, the dependence from her and the negligence of the man she married.

Over time they grew apart, all the while she sang and paid homage to the type man she wishes he was, rather than accept him for who he is. Spending countless hours wishing and hoping he would turn into someone he is not.

It’s like demanding an apple make you orange juice, that’s not how it works sweet heart, you married an apple.

Working to make things better instead of wasting energy not only pining for a man who embodies what he’s not, she’s reaching for a fairy tale that society fed her with media she’s consumed while home alone pining for a life different than hers.

But I will sing the shit out of it because it’s catchy and the voice is easy to sing to. Though by listening to what she is paying homage to, am I not entangling her thoughts and emotions with mine own, and tainting parts of my sub-conscious as I sing along to an ode to a disillusion of what love is. A disillusion handed down to her for generations. Not to mention it in 440 hz?!?!

It’s like a dirty little thing I do to myself even thought I know I shouldn’t! But damn if it ain’t catchy.

If she had put her attention where it belonged, living in the now and embracing what is, rather than what it’s not. Maybe over time the apple juice was what she was looking for the whole time.

Ok, rant over, back to NaNoWriMo, word count so far day 1: 2284!

May the words flow from you like the current of love throughout us all.

Blessed be. Namaste. One Love.


Image courtesy of SpongeBob and Google images 🙂


Copyright (c) 2018 Michelle’s Multifarious Musings
All rights reserved

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