Blessings through Synchronicity-LAO

Over the past week or two, though not limited to, I have been seeing double numbers and the same number schemes quite often. I would see them and smile at the synchronicity and knowledge that I am on the right path.    

Well, 55 has been a constant for months, life changes are coming, be positive, let go of the old and embrace the new, live as the angels intend.  

Yesterday and the day before, I felt were personal challenges, a sort of way to make me walk my talk. What would have made me falter and question years ago, will not bring me down this day. I know in my heart of hearts that all is as intended. I know if something is here in my existence that I enjoy, I attracted that to me. I also know, that if something is in my existence that I don’t like, I attracted that too.

Knowing what I know, I was able to approach a reoccurring situation that arrives from time to time, in a new way.

Watching the unfolding of the magnificent Universe weave its magic throughout my life was quite a sight to see yesterday. I’d like to share with you my special moment of synchronicity, a moment I will not soon forget.

As my son was sitting at the computer playing with his space simulator, we watched as he hurled things through space with delight, seeing what effect it would have. He was finished with what he was doing, so my husband and I walked into the other room.

He called us back out, to come see what he was doing now, crashing 5 moons into the Earth. We almost didn’t turn around to watch, but we did go back and watch. He then started doing it 25 times back to back in succession.

What he was doing prompted my husband to say something about a rocket. Right at that moment my son said, “The rocket, it’s going off soon!” The SpaceX rocket launch was delayed the day prior due to inclement weather.

We all rushed out to the living room and clicked on the video and we heard, “2, 1.” Then the rocket took up off into space to release its cargo and land back safely on dry land.

The moment could not have been more perfect and if we would have been 5 seconds off, we would have missed the initial take off. If we hadn’t gone back to watch, we may had missed the whole thing.

I sat in aww and wonder of the beautiful way life is orchestrated and could not stop grinning like a Cheshire cat. The moment was as perfect as any moment could be.

I know if I had not carried myself as I did, and continued to see through loves lenses, I would have missed out on this beautiful moment. I am grateful to All-That-Is for this amazing moment and the ability to share it with you.

Have you ever had moments of beautiful synchronicity?

May your day be filled with peace and harmony, my friends. 

Blessed be. Namaste. One love.


Image courtesy of Michelle

Copyright (c) 2019 Michelle’s Multifarious Musings

All right reserved

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