Inktober 10.02

Hello beautiful folks from all over the globe. I hope today is finding you well.

The prompt: Mindless. I had a lot of changes and shifts in what I was doing and ended up with this:

I did a bunch of researching into this villain type in my book, the species only recently had a name and purpose added to their part to play in this novel. They’ve been there the whole time, just now they have more solidity.

I am already elbow deep in day three. The images have come and passed and finally I know what I will draw for the word bait.

I hope you guys are having as much fun with this as my left hand and me 🙂 Thank you so much for coming to share in my journey,

May your day be filled with peace and harmony, my friends. 

Blessed be. Namaste. One love.


Image courtesy of Google Images and Michelle’s wobbly left hand 🙂

Copyright (c) 2019 Michelle’s Multifarious Musings

All right reserved

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