Yesterday, towards the end of my work day, I was starting get uneasy feelings in the pit of my stomach; an intuitive feeling of something to come.  When this happens I am on high alert as to what may be the cause. I was driving home my normal route when in the road I see [...]


Taking my next steps… Exercise 5

“Writing Better Lyrics” by Pat Pattison (Second Edition) Exercise 5: Try writing a sentence or a short paragraph about these combinations: Smokey conversation Refried railroad Hollow rain forest Understated eyebrows Now jumble them up into different combinations (For example, smoky eyebrows) and write a sentence or a short paragraph for each one. Hollow eyebrows Smokey [...]


Swirling seas of uncertainty Anxiously eyeing he axe above me Welcoming its swing Ending my self created reprieve   The axe breaks free of its chains Peace at last At least now I know where I stand Broken and shattered into a million pieces   via Daily Prompt: Reprieve