Gratitude Determines Altitude

Gratitude is the attitude that will bring anyone to their desired altitude. I've been gone from some time, I've been searching deeper into my soul and the law of attraction, finding my place in all of this. I'm going to have some new content soon. Some song covers and possibly some originals. I will be [...]

Keepin’ on Truckin’

Slight as some progress may be, it's still progress. Every step towards the right direction , is another step towards reaching your goals and your true potential When progress seems stagnate, it's easy to let go and give up, to give into the desire to not care and just be happy with the current situation. [...]

Quite the Predicament

Impressions in other people’s minds about whom you are, are of little importance. Their convoluted perspective is simply just that, their perspective. They have not walked in your shoes, they have not had the same experiences as you, and they sure as hell don’t know more about who you are than you. That goes both [...]

Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Daily Prompt:Adrift While thinking about the daily prompt today: Adrift, it brought me some much needed peace within me. Of late I have been slipping into what I could describe only as despair. Wishing on stars and waiting for solutions just to appear while making no progress towards an actual solution. With this new word [...]