Sunrise Sprinkle

I hear the cracking of limbs that snap like bone. Acorns pitter patter as the shells slap of the tin roof. No soft cushion to break its fall, it rolls seeking a home where it can grow. Crows caw signals the rain is almost past. Whistles breaking through changing the tone. Morning shower not yet [...]

Gratitude Determines Altitude

Gratitude is the attitude that will bring anyone to their desired altitude. I've been gone from some time, I've been searching deeper into my soul and the law of attraction, finding my place in all of this. I'm going to have some new content soon. Some song covers and possibly some originals. I will be [...]

Keepin’ on Truckin’

Slight as some progress may be, it's still progress. Every step towards the right direction , is another step towards reaching your goals and your true potential When progress seems stagnate, it's easy to let go and give up, to give into the desire to not care and just be happy with the current situation. [...]