Blessings through Synchronicity-LAO

Over the past week or two, though not limited to, I have been seeing double numbers and the same number schemes quite often. I would see them and smile at the synchronicity and knowledge that I am on the right path.     Well, 55 has been a constant for months, life changes are coming, be [...]

Dwelling in Present Tense -LOA

Many people in this day and age, somewhere, at some point, have heard of the Law of Attraction. If you haven’t, now you have, you’re welcome 😉 I give you permission to finish reading this and run off to go immerse yourself in all of its wonder. I’ve read quite a few books on it [...]

Abundance Flows Through

Head foggy Thoughts cloudy Everywhere Surrounded Abundance There to see Have the courage Face reality Clenched fists Increase risk Never experience Complete bliss Deep breathes Basking glory Feel prosperous No need for worry Create a world Feel it true Dream big dreamers Abundance flows through   Thank you so much for visiting, Blessed be. Namaste. [...]