Reflections It was six months ago, seems like only days I was looking at you through a tear stained haze So many words unspoken, so many left to say Trying to reach out for you, I began to play I play almost everyday, I long to hear you sing With these strong emotions, memories soon [...]

Taking my next steps… Exercise 5

“Writing Better Lyrics” by Pat Pattison (Second Edition) Exercise 5: Try writing a sentence or a short paragraph about these combinations: Smokey conversation Refried railroad Hollow rain forest Understated eyebrows Now jumble them up into different combinations (For example, smoky eyebrows) and write a sentence or a short paragraph for each one. Hollow eyebrows Smokey [...]

Quite the Predicament

Impressions in other people’s minds about whom you are, are of little importance. Their convoluted perspective is simply just that, their perspective. They have not walked in your shoes, they have not had the same experiences as you, and they sure as hell don’t know more about who you are than you. That goes both [...]

Tragedy Knows No Bounds

Daily Prompt-Catapult Tragedy Knows No Bounds Catapulted into reality, pulled from my delightful gaze Surrounded by screams, bodies now make a maze Ears are still ringing, covered in gore Can’t wrap my head around it, things are not as they were moments before People in this world, can be so cruel Tragedy has made it so [...]