Inktober 10.03

Hi hi my lovelies! TGIF! Woo hoo, the following two days will be more challenging for me to complete these. Something about being in the comfort of my home with my family and Borderlands 3, leads me to being distracted by many other lucrative options. But, I WILL NOT FALTER! If I am going to [...]

Inktober 10.02

Hello beautiful folks from all over the globe. I hope today is finding you well. The prompt: Mindless. I had a lot of changes and shifts in what I was doing and ended up with this: I did a bunch of researching into this villain type in my book, the species only recently had a [...]

Earworm Got Your Sub-Conscious?

Ever listen to catchy song you listened to in younger years? Songs such as “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” have brought me to think further into exposure. The transition of the relationship is smooth and you can really tell what she is talking about as she paints the flow of their life through her [...]

Abundance Flows Through

Head foggy Thoughts cloudy Everywhere Surrounded Abundance There to see Have the courage Face reality Clenched fists Increase risk Never experience Complete bliss Deep breathes Basking glory Feel prosperous No need for worry Create a world Feel it true Dream big dreamers Abundance flows through   Thank you so much for visiting, Blessed be. Namaste. [...]